Basics of the Forex Capital Market

The foreign exchange, or Forex capital market provides enormous financial opportunities for institutions and individual investors. The Forex capital market trades US $2 trillion every day. Currency trading changed forever in 1994 when the first online currency trading took place. And now, anyone can participate in foreign currency trading. Margin investments are hugely popular among the majority of individual online foreign currency traders.

The Forex capital market is unlike any other investment realm. Today, major currencies are allowed to move independently of other currencies, and this accounts for much of the opportunity that currency trading offers. Because it is a market, the Forex world is driven by supply and demand. Sometimes individual countries will intervene in order to move their currencies to a different level against other currencies, but for most major economies in the world, the free-floating exchange system is the norm.

Basics of the Forex Capital Market

The fact that the Forex capital market is huge, liquid, and free-floating means that the opportunities for creating wealth are enormous, but that does not mean that getting rich trading currencies is easy. If you want to jump right in to Forex trading without taking the time to understand the fundamentals of trading and basic strategies, you might as well take your money to Las Vegas and at least have fun while you’re losing all of it. If you want to trade currency for real, there are several important steps to take first.

  • Get educated. You must educate yourself about the foreign currency market, world events, and trading overall. There are enough books, online tutorials, and online and offline courses that there is no excuse for not learning the fundamentals. Many, if not most brokers offer free demo accounts so that you can practice trading currencies without risking your real money. The upside is that you get a feel for what currency trading is like. The risk, however, is that you will trade differently when it’s a demo than you would when your own hard-earned money is on the line.
  • Learn trading strategies and find one that resonates with your own attitudes toward trading. Without strategies, you will lose your money. Again, there are enough online resources and books that teach about Forex capital market strategies that you should have no trouble finding the information. But finding it isn’t enough. You have to understand what’s behind the various trading strategies, because even if you’re sticking to one strategy, it’s a good idea to know what strategies others may be using.
  • Too much leverage is dangerous. Although many Forex accounts offer you 200 to 1 leverage, until you’re well versed in Forex trading, you should limit your leverage to 10 times the value of your account. That means that if you have $1,000 in a trading account, you shouldn’t open trades that are worth anything greater than $10,000.
  • Stick to risk capital. Trade using money that would not affect your lifestyle if you lost it. Using your emergency savings to open a Forex account would be very irresponsible.

The Forex capital market is fertile ground for wealth making opportunity, but it isn’t for the uneducated or faint of heart.

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